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Linehaul 101 is a dynamic and immersive 6-session online program designed to provide students with a deep dive into essential academic subjects and foster intellectual engagement.

Held during the month of January, this program is specifically tailored for those looking to become TSPs, new TSPs, and newly hired BCs students, offering a unique opportunity to kickstart their Linehaul journey with confidence and knowledge.

Hybrid Option

** Best Value **
Includes All 3 January Events


6 online classes
Digital Video Library
Online Study Group
Freshman Orientation* (Onsite)

* Freshman Orientation includes admission to the
Linehaul News Regional Conference on February 1, 2024

Virtual Option


6 online classes
Digital Video Library
Online Study Group


12:30-2:00 PM ET
January 8- FXG Overview & New Company Standup
January 15- Tractors
January 22- Management

7:30-9:00 PM ET
January 11- Safety
January 18- Drivers
January 25- Business

Special Speakers

One of the distinguishing features of Linehaul 101 is the inclusion of expert special speakers for each session. These speakers are renowned in their respective fields and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. They serve as guides, mentors, and inspirational figures, offering a comprehensive discussion of the subject matter for the day. Their engaging presentations provide unique insights, anecdotes, and real-world applications of the academic material.

Interactive Enviorment

We highly encourage active participation and engagement throughout these courses. During each 90-minute session, students and even faculty members are invited to pose questions and share their insights, creating an open and collaborative learning environment. This interactive element fosters discussions, critical thinking, and a sense of community among participants.

Course Topics

FXG Overview and New Company Stand Up
Operations Management


Contractors just getting started or about to get started, new suppliers, and managers/BCs new to linehaul.

Virtual Programming

The virtual program is structured around a series of 90-minute sessions, with each session dedicated to exploring a specific subject in depth. These sessions occur on specified days, creating a focused and organized learning experience. The 90-minute format ensures that students can delve into the material without feeling overwhelmed and maintain their concentration effectively.


Choose your option of hybrid or virtual only and register here. 

All students get access to an in-depth online study guide and video series to prepare them for the course. Additionally, all students and instructors are added to our online classroom on Linehaul University to discuss, network, and learn.




David Cooper

David Cooper

President - HaldiTech Services

David has been an entrepreneur longer than he’s been driving, owning and operating various businesses before turning to logistics in 2016.

David’s a graduate of Purdue University and lives in Southern Indiana with his three children and his dog. When he’s not working you’ll find him chasing his kids or a little white ball around a course.

Steve Crawford

Steve Crawford

HaldiTech Services

Steve is a 50+ year veteran of the trucking industry. Recently, he passed the 35-year mark with FedEx/RPS. Steve started his career in South Dakota, working for his father’s trucking company. He spent that time learning all aspects of the business, including dock work, driving, administration, and sales.

Steve moved to the St Louis area in 1988, working with Roberts Express (now FedEx Custom Critical) as a recruiter. He left corporate employment in 1991 to begin his company. Starting with RPS in 1995, Steve grew the business in several markets, experiencing both organic growth and expansion by acquisition.

Steve’s passion is to see others succeed and to bring new ideas, concepts, and perspectives to our industry.

John Davis

John Davis

Linehaul Central

John Davis is the safety director for multiple linehaul contractors. His career spans 33 years in safety and risk management. John owns several businesses providing safety and compliance services to motor carriers inside and outside the FXG linehaul network.

John leads a dedicated team of professionals handling linehaul contractors’ safety and compliance programs and creates customized safety training programs and solutions for drivers, lead drivers, and BC managers.

Johns’ team focuses on reducing accidents, roadside violations, and VEDR events through training and one-on-one driver coaching. Safety Beyond All Else requires constant monitoring of the safety program, frequent adjustments, and daily driver coaching.

Kenneth Eichenberger

Kenneth Eichenberger

APS Logistics Management

From my 2002 graduation in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University, I jumped into sales and engineering automation in North Carolina before returning back to the southern Indiana area in 2005.   I have a wonderful wife, 4 amazing children, a very large and supportive family, and a terrific work team.  My personal motto is lead by example, try not to accept “NO”, and rid your known definitions of the word “Can’t”.  Delighted to be on the faculty and to serve the FedEx Ground Linehaul community with the idea that we can all work together to make life smoother and end results more fun to obtain.

John Haldi

John Haldi


John first got into the linehaul space nine years ago when a friend bought a linehaul business and asked for his help making sense of the info he was getting from FXG.  A few years later another contractor saw the software he’d built, and HaldiTech was born.

John’s a graduate of Duke and lives in Atlanta with his wife and two dogs.  When he’s not working you’ll find him on the golf course or flying a small plane just for fun.

Pat McKay

Pat McKay


Pat enjoyed a 17-year career at FedEx Ground from early 1992 through 2008 in various operations roles ending as a Division Managing Director on the East Coast.  Pat spent an additional 13 years in 2 national trucking firms with leadership roles in asset and fuel procurement, recruiting, maintenance and lease purchase programs before starting REL with his partner Tyler Tattum.

Pat is passionate about saving costs for TSP’s and providing an unparalleled customer experience in all of their service offerings.

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